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Balance your mind, body and spirit with yoga

I offer group yoga or private one-on-one yoga classes that heal the mind and the body.

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Where you'll find me teaching Yoga

I'm so very excited to now offer my style of yoga in Camden. 

If you'd like to join one of my classes, they are based at Body Mind Flow Studio, 57 Argyle Street Camden. These classes can be booked via my booking system.

Yoga: About

Yoga is not exercise. Yoga is a way of living

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 25 years. Not only does yoga make me feel great, it helped heal my frozen shoulder. Now, as a certified yoga teacher, I get to share the health benefits of yoga with others. 

My yoga sessions are not an exercise class. They are an opportunity to discover your body, heal from physical and mental stress, improve your life and to learn the philosophy behind the ancient tradition.

Whether you are suffering pain from a physical injury or experiencing mental stress or anxiety, you’ll feel better from head to toe after experiencing the powerful healing tools of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and dharana (focus or concentration of the mind and the prelude to meditation).

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How to find peace, calmness and clarity with yoga

The true health benefits of yoga are best experienced in its original form – between teacher and student, one-on-one,  because yoga works best when it is personalised for the person receiving it I can design a yoga plan tailored to you, your body and your needs. 

However, the benefit of community cannot be denied. Having a sangha, or community, and practicing yoga in that sangha is great for all involved.

I run two group yoga classes a week, both at the Body Mind Flow Studio. Both on Saturday mornings. One for those who like to start their day with the sunrise (6am) and the second for those who like to start a little later (8.15am). It's a unique way to experience healing through community. 

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Pricing below relates to my studio classes and private sessions in Camden

Group yoga classes

If you enjoy being part of a community, I run a small (max 12 students) weekly class on Saturday morning, 8am to 9.30am at my studio in the beautiful serene setting of Belimbla Park. 

  • $20 per class (10 class pass)

  • $22 per class (6 class pass)

  • $26 per class (casual visit)

Corporate/private group yoga classes

With more and more research showing the clear benefits of yoga in dealing with stress, many work places are engaging instructors for lunch time classes for their employees. 

Alternatively, if you have a group of friends and would like your own private class, I can accommodate.

  • $24 pp (min 10 attendees, max 15 attendees)

Private one-on-one yoga classes

Traditionally taught this way, one on one classes are great for beginners to help them with the basics, through to the advanced student who wants a little more than a group class can offer.

  • $80 for 60 minutes (at my studio).

  • $140 for 60 minutes at your home + travel

Personalised yoga plans

Yoga as a practice, works best when what the student is practicing, has been designed specifically for them.

My personalised yoga plan includes:

  1. 30 minute assessment

  2. Design of a yoga practice specific to your needs

  3. 60-90 minute personal instruction session

  4. 30-45 minute follow up session

  • $300​

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Want to chat about your yoga needs? Feel free to drop me a line or make a booking.

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